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Lower Rhine

The Lower Rhine - a holiday for the whole family! A holiday in the country, a holiday on the Rhine, a holiday in a Roman city - that's what you get if you choose the Lower Rhine. The rural region borders the Rhine and Ruhr conurbations in the east and the Netherlands in the west. Culturally, the Roman city of Xanten, one of the oldest cities in Germany, is particularly interesting. Kleve and Wesel are also worth a visit. But mainly the Lower Rhine offers relaxation in a rural atmosphere. The flat landscape of the Lower Rhine is perfect for a cycling holiday. Near Emmerich, you can go on long cycling trips along the Rhine cycle path to Duisburg or to Gelderland. Many people always want to go on holiday to the mountains or to the sea, but the river landscape of the Lower Rhine is not to be missed.

Winter atmosphere at Wesel, Lower Rhine
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